Sunday, 3 June 2012

Summer Mantel

All good things must come to an end...

As the weekend winds down I reflect on what I have accomplished over the last two days and, really, I haven't done much of anything. I did manage to get a Saturday morning doctor's appointment which kinda interfered with my laid back morning routine. I came home after spending 30 minutes in the waiting room, so by the time I returned home I had lost all motivation to do much. I actually spent a lot of my day with my laptop on my lap...I fear addiction! This blog thing is more challenging and time-consuming than I anticipated.

I did participate in our annual walk-a-thon with my co-workers on Sunday morning and cooked a turkey supper but I now feel the urge to nap...not good! I guess we all have weekends like this when Sunday evening rolls around and you wish you could start over. I'm already planning what I will do next weekend. Oh, I almost forgot, I did rearrange my mantel for summer and after three attempts I ended up with a look I liked. The focal point is a vase filled with bright yellow flowers which is reflected in the mirror behind. I tied a huge burlap bow around the neck of the vase with the ribbon tails landing on the mantle top where a fat pretty-coloured bird has landed. I hope he stays around for a while! Another smaller yellow bird is captured and sitting beneath a glass cloche...poor birdie! I finished it off with a weathered-look lantern, some mercury glass candle holders and I then placed a large willow deco ball atop a stack of seasonal books on birds and gardening....loving the large and small willow deco balls I found at HomeSense!
Here is the little birdie who has perched on my mantel.
The wicker deco balls atop a small stack of seasonal books adds texture and interest to the mantel.
I'm not sure if I will keep the little birdie refined to the glass cloche...he's peering through the glass longing for freedom so I think I will let him go.

I love the bright yellow flowers with a few pussy willows added which, with a flick of a switch , give off a soft glow.

I decided to release the little yellow bird from his glassed-in cage and, "Look...he decided to stay!"

A few seashells, starfish and a piece of faux coral bring the beach inside.


  1. Hi!
    Where did you find the faux coral? Yours is really pretty!

    1. Hi Amanda...I found this piece of coral in a little gift shop called 'A Special Touch' located in one of our shopping malls. I have a couple of other pieces but this one is my favourite!

  2. Gale, your mantel looks ready for Summer. Love the choice of objects you chose, especially the lantern.
    Thanks for visiting my blog,and leaving such a nice comment. I'm happy to be your second follower. Hope you have a great weekend. I'll be in front of the tv watching the Olympics.