Sunday, 17 June 2012

Weekend Activity

Another Saturday morning...Yay! Today I will be heading to my daughter's new house (they just moved in on Wednesday) and I will assist her in getting organized and making her new house homey. It's quite lovely and her backyard is already naturally pretty. I just love all of the big windows they have at the back of house where the view is lovely. Noah is settling in quite nicely and he even has a buddy next door, named Harley. Well, I say buddies but yesterday all they did was bark at each other but I'm sure it's just because they are both excited to have a new neighbour. AND there's this cat in the neighbourhood who, other than she is slightly lighter in colour, looks exactly like our beloved cat we had years ago, named Bates. I miss Bates!

I forgot to tell you that I am on vacation! I am hopeful that after the weekend I will be able to concentrate on my  own plans for the remainder of the week.  I won't share any of my projects yet but keep in touch and you will see what I've been up to.  It's Father's Day weekend so we will be planning something special for Paul and Joel who are both amazing dads.  I've mailed my dad's gift and my mom confirmed that he received it yesterday so I am delighted he will have it for Sunday.  I read every Hallmark and Carlton card out there and could not find one that said what I wanted to say so I created my own greeting in a letter stating all the "I remember when(s)" as far back as I could remember.  I hope he enjoys the letter and I'm sure he will remember many of  them as well.  I should have done something like this years ago; after all, who can tell my dad how I feel about him better than me.

I'm scooting over to the TSC website now to order some of my favourite fashions from the Joan Rivers collection. I viewed her segment earlier this morning and eyed a couple of amazing pieces I just have to have...see you later!

Thanks for stopping by...Gale

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