Sunday, 1 April 2012

A little bit of Easter and Spring...

I added this album of Spring and Easter pictures after I started my blog.  My first actual post was in May but I decided to go back and view some of my photos from past occasions and post them to 'Pure Joy'.  I hope you enjoy them.
A bowl of everyone's favorite treats.
Our glowy Easter tree!

I just love this twig nest filled with's been used to welcome Spring at our house for a number of years.
I found this rustic looking tray at Hallmark and bought it for my daughter, Kristen. I added some pink straw and sour gummy worms (one of her favorites) for an Eastery treat.

This is our glowy Easter tree top...inexpensive sprigs of eggs and butterflies from Dollarama.

I adore this pair of bunnies...another Dollar Store purchase from years ago.  I love their matching carrot sweaters!
Here is the bunny duo again...How cute is baby bunny who sits on the edge of the saucer.

Mother bird guarding her treasured eggs under the safety of the glass cloche.

Kristen's Easter Treats

I love the bunny trio, mama, papa and baby bunny.  A Pier One find where I originally bought just two but as soon as I put them on the mantel I knew I had to go back for the third.  They will be part of my Easter decor for years to come.
Joel's Easter treats...don't you just love the bunny balloon?
Our fireplace mantel all decked out for the Easter season.

A small cake dome for a sweet bunny couple.

An apothecary jar filled with robin's eggs, a little nest and a starfish make a lovely vignette next to the weather-worn and distressed frame  I'm famous for displaying a new frame before adding a photo...I will get around to it!
Easter Mantel

I love my mirrored accent table which my generous hubby gave me for my birthday.  I think the burlap ribbon bow will have to go...seeing it in this photo made me realize it's not the look I was going biggie!
I found the organza runner which is the perfect additon to the mirrored table with the added silver vase and oversized white flower.  I love adding books and shells as accent pieces.

I often reach for my little book, 'One Minute Devotions for Women' when I'm in a rush to get out the door in the mornings.

A set of yellow chick salt & pepper shakers and an egg cup make for a whimsical family of chicks nestled beneath a glass cloche.
I spotted this gorgeous bag at Aldo and just had to buy it...I love the colors for Spring.

This little fluffy white bunny hopped onto our mantel and settled right beneath the jar of Cadbury mini eggs.  Sneaky little bunny!

Bunnies, eggs, and chicks are cute but this is the real reason we celebrate Easter Sunday!

A bunch of tulips purchased at Michael's brings the front entrace table to life...a sure sign of Spring.

Easter Tablescape

Another view of our Easter tree.

I layered the larger and smaller plates with different patterns and colors to add interest to this vignette.

I am in love with the antique silver teapot lamp sitting on top of some favorite cookbooks.  I purchased the lamp as a gift for my sister but when I got it home I just knew I had to keep it...I am hoping they have more in stock!
I marked my calendar at the beginning of April with this sweet little chick sticker.

Here's the lamp again before I added height by placing a few cookbooks beneath.

This rooster came home with me when I spotted him in a little local store where he was marked down to half off the original price.  He has a basket tucked in his wings behind his back for keeping extra sticks of chaulk and, of course, he is painted in black chaulk board paint which is great for writing little messages and inspirational comments.  I went back to buy one for my mom and an extra one for a lucky someone on my Christmas list.

This is Kristen's place setting.  She loves cherry-flavoured pops from Laura Secord so I placed a bunch in her tea cup.

I just love Mr. Roo...I folded a kitchen towel with an embroidered rooster on it over a pedestal so that Mr. Roo could rule the roost.

Pretty...especially when they are lit up and the 100 teeny-tiny lights twinkle.

Mr. Bunny

The burlap-wrapped vase was a HomeSense find which I filled with yellow blossoms as soon as I brought it home.  The white jug was also a HomeSense purchase.  I use it to display the bone handled butter knives I found at a garage sale a few years ago.  They were never taken out of their original box so were in mint condition.  The vintage silver serving spoon is stamped with 'God Bless us Everyone' and was a gift from my sweet daughter who found it on Ebay. 

I love the soft glow of light when the lamp is on at night.

A closer look at my vintage serving spoon.

My absolute favourite counter-top vignette.

All things work together for good...isn't that the truth!

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