Sunday, 27 May 2012

My New Adventure

Blogging is new to me...I fumbled through on my own attempting to set up my blog and I think I've come up against a brick is clear I need assistance. I hope that maybe some other bloggers will come to my rescue and provide me with some tips that will help me finish creating and personalizing my blog home page. As the weather starts to warm up here in Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada) we are starting to enjoy lots of blue sky and sunshine. I feel the urge to lighten up my surroundings and bring out anything that connects me to the beach and the ocean. Unlike some of the blogs I visit regularly, our ocean still has lots of ice bergs which can be viewed from our shorelines - this has a lot to do with the cooler temperatures we experience here on the east coast of our province. The view is spectacular; however, I crave warm ocean breezes and white sand where driftwood, starfish and tons of seashells adorn the beaches. I dream of open windows with sea breezes softly blowing the scent of the salt water and the sound of the ocean waves inside. In this beautiful province of ours we learn to make hay when the sun shines...we get out and enjoy the weather and put off for another day whatever inside plans we may have had. I am optimistic that we are in for a great summer this year which will be 'Pure Joy'.

Beachy...dreamy... the diffuser scent is 'Ocean Breeze'...

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